How To Write A Good Essay: Easy Hints

The Basics of Writing Descriptive Essays for Beginners

Not everyone can boast of the gift of eloquence. So, if you aren’t very expressive and creative in the real life, think of it as of a splendid opportunity to be some of a writer.

Writing a descriptive essay may seem to be a real undertaking. The more you think about it, the more difficult it looks like from the first sight. What and how to describe? How to make oneself clear? How to catch the reader’s attention? First of all, you should calm down and draw up a plan, which should necessarily consist of introduction, development and conclusion.

Choose a Topic

The first thing you have to do is to think of a topic, which may either be your pure imagination, or your personal experience. No matter what you are going to describe – an action, an event, a person, a feeling, an object or something else – your task is not just to tell about it, but to paint everything in bright colors so lively, that the reader could see, hear, smell or feel it in his/her imagination. Whether or not your essay is absorbing to read depends entirely on the topic you choose and on the interesting and unusual details you include. Besides, don’t be shy to use expressive means and stylistic devices. Your language may be simple or elaborate, plain or metaphorical, depending on the topic of your text and its mood and tone.

Write a Brief, but Gripping Introduction

Keep in mind, that a good beginning makes a good ending. You may start with a few short, but effective and exciting sentences, which will make your audience go on reading.

Development of Your Main Idea

Here your task is to involve the readers into your fantasy world and to make them empathize with you. Try and use your senses of taste, sight, touch, smell and sound in your text in such a way, that the reader will react to your words with sincere admiration. Your aim is to have impact on your readers’ five senses. When reading your description, they should taste the bitter flavor of strong coffee, screw up their eyes in the bright sun, avidly breathe in the fresh air and jerk back their hands from imaginary cactuses.

Make sure you remember to put the paragraphs together. Your description must not look like scattered pieces of the text, put together.


When you are through with the main idea, you are to come to the conclusion. That is a short summary of the whole text, which should not exceed 4-5 sentences.

Slow down and check your text for different mistakes, tautologies, absurdities and incoherent ideas.

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